All Courses

  • PG to KG
  • Teaching small children is a big responsibility and our Shri Satyajyoti academy plays a great role in shaping their life and teaching them things effortlessly. WE have a lot of facilities and equipments for teaching your child. We take care of each and every thing related to safety and security for the purpose of best teaching to each and every child.

  • I to V
  • We provide best teaching experience to these students and give them a real-time training for outside word technologies and also teach them the tradition. The students who are unable to pick english medium schools can easily get admission at efficient price. We provide hostel facility for students. There is special discount for Naxel affected families.

  • VI to VIII
  • We prepare these students to create a bright future for themselves when they go for higher studies and can create opportunities in life. We help them to understand the basics to prepare for higher studies and whatever they want to become in life with the help of our various co-curricular activities like digital labs, personality development classes etc.