Our Principal

Shri Satyajyoti Principal

Ms. Archana pandey


Mrs. Archana Pandey is the Principal of our school. She has that passion and dedication due to which she is easily able to interact with kids and teach them. She was enthusiastic to take teaching and running school as her major career goals which she had efficiently proved correctly today. Mrs Archana says that the education is the key to the door of moderization. Improved education prospects, including literacy and oppurtunities for skill training have direct implications for the quality of the life younger generation should have. She enforces that values cultures, skills and knowledge stand side by side and should be acknowledged at the same level.

At SSJyoti, She has been one of the wonderful personalities where kids and teachers are easily able to interact with her. Regular meetings and several activities helps the students as well as teachers to learn something new on daily basis . She motivates students not for just studying but also emphasizes on developing physical and mental skills along with the education. She is willing to make a better society ahead with the level of education she is offering to younger generations!

Our Vice Principal

Shri Satyajyoti vice-prinicial

Mr. Naveen Chaturvedi


As the vice principal of Shri Satyajyoti Academy School, I feel delighted to say that our academy is working towards the fairwell of students. I might want to feature that there lies a solid emanation that resonates all through the grounds; directly from the vice principal chime where the understudies assemble for their morning petitions till the day's end at school.

With each morning, there is a guarantee of an energizing day, a day to find out about another idea or a thought at school. We work towards making this school as the Top Cbse School in Robertsganj in 2020 and make it to the list of Top academic result in robertsganj 2020.