Our Director

Shri Satyajyoti Director

Mr. Raghvendra Pandey


As the director of Shri Satyajyoti Academy School, I feel delighted to expound on our regarded foundation. I might want to feature that there lies a solid emanation that resonates all through the grounds; directly from the director chime where the understudies assemble for their morning petitions till the day's end at school. With each morning, there is a guarantee of an energizing day, a day to find out about another idea or a thought at school. Being a director, responsibility is there to fill the cultural as well as educational values in our kids at school.

Being a teacher, my duty is for most towards the students make them have good qualities along with providing them best of the knowledge. I pledge to serve my nation by fulfilling my duties towards the students which I am doing by reforming them in better individuals.